Residential Roofing – ROOF INSPECTION

Residential Roofing – ROOF INSPECTION



A Free Roof Inspection Is OUR Priority

All areas of the Dallas-Fort Worth area have been hit with damaging hail over the past two years. If you have not had your roof inspected since then, it would be a very wise to do so as soon as possible. Hail damage is not something that is instantly noticeable or causes your roof to leak within a few days. Instead, hail damages the top layer of protection on your roof and allows the elements to gradually work their way in… until your roof fails.

Many folks do not know that they only have a limited time after a storm to file a claim with their insurance company. Some companies give you 1.5 to 2 years to file a claim after a storm; others are as short as a year… which we are approaching very soon. If you have hail damage from the storms last year and you fail to make a claim in time, you will lose the ability to file on your insurance for the damage that could result. We have had success in every city in DFW getting insurance adjusters to pay for complete roof replacements, but you are running out of time to do so.

Call us today for a no-cost, no obligation roofing inspection. We employ highly trained professionals and do not employ high pressure sales tactics. If your roof is not damaged, we will simply hand you a card in the hopes that you will call us down the road if you ever need us.

To get your free roof inspection and estimate call us today at: 214.403.4556

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Thanks to Remarkable Roofing’s team my house is now as good as new! They helped me to renew my roof, fixed the heating system and rewired the house. I’m very grateful as I could never do it alone! These guys are very careful, skilled and indeed fast!

Adam Smith

It was my first time to request the assistance of professional roofing team as previously I used to do everything by myself. They dealt with my insurance company and was able to get my new roof for free. Their team also painted my facade carefully and my wife is very pleased that it was done…

David Jones

I was recommended to use Remarkable Roofing by my co-worker. I had an emergency where my roof was leaking from heavy rain and needed help so called Remarkable Roofing since they helped my neighbor. The professional team resolved the problem so quick! I’ll definitely call them back again if I need their services!

Steve Richards