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We are a team of professional and skilled experts in all domestic spheres. We offer a wide range of services and at the same time we are always glad to help you with any unconventional household needs:

  • minor and major roof repairs;
  • window installation and cleaning;
  • painting facades and interior;
  • house and yard cleaning-up;
  • home improvements;
  • connecting household appliances;
  • landscaping and gardening.

Remarkable roofing, "experience that matters!"

Always Available

We accept requests and calls 24/7 so you could resolve most problems whenever you need. Our emergency team will be at your place to fix the breakdown at short notice.

Qualified Agents

All our team members are high-qualified and skilled agents. All of them are trained according to the latest technologies. Our newbies work together with experienced colleagues to study all the details.

Fair Prices

Our prices are affordable for all people. We work with any insurance company to help get your roof replaced every step of the way.

Best Offers

We provide discounts on the most popular services and on the season services, so you could definitely receive any help without delay. We have an A rating with with the Better Business Bureau so you can rest assured and let us do all the work.


We work to ensure people’s comfort at their home, and to provide the best and the fastest help at fair prices. We stand for quality, safety and credibility, so you could be sure about our work.

William Arguello established Remarkable Roofing and Construction to give property owners a roofing service they’ll never forget. William started out as an Independent property adjuster in 2012, adjusting catastrophe claims for insurance companies. In 2013 he switched to the other side of the claims – helping people repair their homes and businesses.

Every member of our team is indeed good at his job and the company guarantees the quality of work and materials we use.

We value our every worker and every client, and we strive to do our best to provide you with the best services ever.


Every roofing project requires a lot of expenses that are covered by your insurance company most the time. They include such bulks as materials and labor. Materials, in turns, include shingles, wood, and all items needed for a rebuild If interior work is done it can include tile, mortar, grout, rough plumbing materials, paint and many other. If you need to  make a calculation of your future renovation project, please give us a call or email us, and our manager will help you with this issue.

Depending on dimensions of the space and amount of work, it takes from a week to a month to complete the renovation project. Our experts are fast and excellent at what they do.

The total budget may vary as sizes of homes are very different. For example, approximate budget for a basic roof renovation is from $8500 to $50,000 and most the time your insurance company covers all expenses but deductible so your not out of pocket for the new roof you need today. If you need detailed calculation of materials and work, please contact our us today.

Renovation project can be initiated by the clients. If you need to reconstruct your old roof, a room or a basement, you should contact us today so an expert can get detailed information to get your project completed immediately. Once you or your insurance company approves the project and budget we’ll start working. We will be there every step of the way and have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. 


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